You excell in all aspects of the hunt

Hi Harlan:

Back home safe and sound. Spent yesterday working around Steve’s nursery and for sure it was not as enjoyable as the previous 3 days at your lodge. You are doing one great job of managing and personally operating this great outdoor facility. It takes a great commitment to take hunting to the level that you have with the planning and construction of a great facility, your continued dedication to enhancing the land for the wildlife purposes combined with your personal expertice in all aspects of hunting makes a stay at your lodge a memorable experience. When I grew up and started to hunt it was expected for you to do all things relating to the hunt. I call it”grass roots hunting”. Many of our hunters today and I’m sure many that come to your lodge have no idea what goes into the hunt before you pull the trigger. I have an appreciation for those things and can only say you excell in all aspects of the hunt. With your knowledge and ambition I’m sure the Chattokee Lodge will continue to be a great success. Thanks for a great weekend and hopefully I’ll be able to do it again next year.

Your friend and fellow hunter,


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