Waterfowl Hunting in Alabama

Chattokee Lodge offers the finest wild duck and goose hunting available in this area. Our ponds are designed and built for waterfowl hunting. We typically have good populations of mallards, gadwall, teal, and wood ducks that frequent our hunting areas.

In the regular waterfowl season, we only offer 2 day duck hunts and only have one 2 day hunt per week to limit hunting pressure. We can accommodate up to 10 hunters and require a minimum of 4 to book a hunt. Most of our permanent hunting areas have 2 spacious blinds that will accommodate up to 5 people and have been built to keep you out of inclement weather.

If you prefer to strictly goose hunt, we have huge flocks of resident geese that visit our agricultural fields and the flats on Lake Weiss. We are also fortunate that Alabama offers a early goose season that typically begins September 1st with very liberal limits. Scheduling early goose hunts is dependent on the corn harvest.